The Laughing Lighthouse

On the Cliffs of Kildare Capes, Prince Edward Island, Licence 2101229


Year Old Property

Visitors to our lighthouse

From Different Continents

During these tough times, vacation at a secluded, safe paradise!

A perfect place for a corporate executive and yoga retreat… call us for details!

A Private Paradise

Travel down through a wooded country lane which opens up on the red cliffs of Kildare Capes. This is a very unique and romantic getaway  rental property, a real family/couples retreat.  A four storey lighthouse on the cliffs overlooking the gulf of  St. Lawrence, a uniquely beautiful accommodation.

A Vacation Like No Other!

 Very secluded with plenty of privacy, plenty  of walking  paths and beaches. Sit in the observatory and watch the waves or sit outside on the widow’s walk and enjoy the view.